Tuesday, 2 December 2014

#TantalizingTuesdays - Out in the Open

Happy Tuesday, folks. I stumbled on today's pic on Pinterest and it spoke to me straight away. Gotta love it when that happens. Enjoy!

(Source: Pinterest

Eliza’s eyes flew open and she shivered in the breeze. Without the warming rays of the sun, and the hot body of her lover, the dampness of the forest seeped into her bones. She sat up abruptly at the sound of twigs crunching. Grabbing for her t-shirt to cover her nakedness, she looked around the clearing. Where was James? His clothes lay abandoned next to hers, and heat flooded her cheeks as she recalled the eagerness with which they had ripped the offending layers of materials off each other. She couldn’t believe that they had actually done it, and out in the open where anyone could happen across them.
It had been just another walk through the forest, James escorting her home like he always did, when she finished the night shift at the hospital. Then she’d decided to run away from him, and next she knew he’d hunted her down. A renewed shiver went down her spine as she relived the way, James had pounced on her. It was as though something had snapped inside him, and the sex had been wild, animalistic almost.

The growl right behind her made her spin round and gasp. No, it couldn’t be…

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As ever, let me know what you thought of my teaser today. 

D xx 


  1. Oh, but yes it could, if you have anything to say about it. Wonderful photo, you are surely right, and he looks hungry. Wonderful shifter flash. Splendid. xo

  2. Wonderful shifter flash indeed....I have a soft spot for the big cat shifters xx

  3. Doris, nice work and the ending was a perfect punch.

  4. Great tease and I loved the ending

  5. I might be a bit miffed at being abandoned out in the open. I think she isn't, though.

  6. I'm just gonna sit right here and wait for more. LOL! Loved it!

  7. Great descriptions with an excellent build up and a gut punching end. Love it