Tuesday, 30 December 2014

#TantalizingTuesdays - To Be Continued...

Happy Tuesday, folks.

As the title says, today's tease is sort of a continuation. You'll have first met this couple on Friday. If you missed that flash you can find it HERE.

George and James stayed with me, and demanded I tell their story. One of the lovely readers in my Reader Group on Facebook posted this picture, and it was as though she had taken the characters out of  my head. So, naturally I had to use the picture for today's tease, which will form part of my WIP. There not quite there yet in my story, but this is the morning after the party the night before...

For the picture, please click here.
George squinted in the bright sunlight streaming into the unfamiliar room, as he lifted his head off the pillow, and groaned.
Jesus, how much had he drunk last night, and where was James? He remembered enough of the previous night to know James had taken him home, and he had… shit, he’d passed out mid fumble of them getting naked.
The delicious aroma of brewing coffee hit his nostrils, seconds before James shouldered the bedroom door open. Naked as the day he was born, and sporting a boner to rival George’s own morning wood, James carried a tray containing the elixir of life, a glass of water, and a wicked smile that he directed at George.
“Happy New Year, boss.”
He put the tray on the night stand, and offered George two aspirin and the glass of water. George swallowed them whole and then went very still when James produced a strip of black silk, and proceeded to tie it over George’s eyes.
Plunged into darkness, George’s breathing sped up. The bed dipped as James climbed over him, and tugged George’s head round to kiss him.
Pleasure surged through George, and he groaned into the kiss.
“Let’s finish this, baby.”

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As ever, let me know what you thought of my teaser today. 

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  1. A smoking hot piece, and a great way to end 2014. Happy New Year's Doris.

    1. Thanks, Ray. Happy New Year to you too :-)

  2. Wonderful teaser. Very romantic and a lovely way to see the new year in. Happy New Year Doris

  3. Nice teaser! Can't wait to get more of George and James.Happy New year!

  4. Don't even let him get to the coffee. Just go for it and he was just as willing to accept. Passionate tease, Doris! Have a wonderful New Years!

  5. A wonderful little number ...have thing go out with a bang..

  6. Oh wow. Yes indeed, must finish such things ;)

  7. Very sexy and enticing, Doris. I am not used to reading m/m from you...and I like it. Beautifully crafted. xo

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