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A sneaky @RavenMcAllan A prosy Perry and an interview @evernightpub #newrelease #bdsm #regency

Never trust a Raven. That's my new motto. There I go and invite her on my blog and what does she do? She turns the tables on me, and has her hero interview me? 

Just as well Perry is so very yummy, is all I can say.

They called him Prosy Perry.
Anyone who really knew him—like Maggie did—understood that was a fa├žade to protect his secrets.
When danger threatened his family, and his lover, he dropped the role and the real Peregrine emerged.
Now all he had to do was unmask the traitor and live happily ever after.
Was it going to happen or was he destined to be alone again?

Well does that intrigue you or not? If you combine it with all the other stories of the Grettons, in the Behind Closed Doors series, I hope it does. For it is my story, mine and my Lady's.

Oh, my apologies, my name is Peregrine—Perry to my friends. Lord Corby, eldest of the Gretton siblings. Raven, my author, told me Doris would be a great person to interview, so here I am. Ah, it seems Doris didn't know I was interviewing her, she thought I was popping in to chat about my new story. Well I am of course, but I promised Raven, I'd grab Doris' attention whilst Raven and Budda played and ate chocolate. That to me is very strange, because in my time you drink chocolate.

So Doris, if you came to live in my era, what three things would you miss the most?

D My net book, kindle and washing machine.

Hmm, that's interesting. I think Raven would agree with you. She says her husband thinks she has someone called Mac attached to her at all times.

And what do you think you'd enjoy?

D. Oh the carriage rides and horse riding in Hyde Park. And the dresses. I Just love the dresses!

Do you think it's important to use names that were popular in my time, when books are about then? I know Raven does, but she showed me some books with names that we would never call our children. I won't name who wrote it, but it made me blink. Not good. So what do you think?

D. Oh yes, I do think that's important. I can't imagine a regency heroine being called Chelsea for instance. *sniggers*

Is there anywhere in my world you'd like to have seen? I know Raven would like to have been sculled across the river to Vauxhall Gardens and seen the fireworks.

D. The Vauxhall Gardens have always intrigued me, I have to say.

A Dom today or a Dom in my time. Which do you think would have the hardest time?

D. A Dom in your time, without a doubt. I quite admire how you manage to handle your … err… affairs, shall we say.

Now, I believe you call this a quick fire round. That would be foolhardy in my era, unless you were a crack shot. So, Raven says to ask, and you answer immediately

On a gentleman… Breeches or pantaloons

D. Breeches

Banyan or bare

D. Bare

Hair a la Brutus or tied back

D. Tied back

Port or brandy

D. Brandy

Curricle or Phaeton

D. Phaeton

Now My Lady says I have to ask you these…

Sprig muslin or figured silk

D. Silk J

Blonde or brunette

D. Well, I have to say blonde!

Hot chocolate or tea

D. Both

Masked ball or Almacks

D. Masked ball, imagine the fun you could have.

Now this question I'm sure Raven put Maggie up to asking…

Vibrator or darning mushroom?

D. *chuckles* that's where our time wins hands down. Vibrator!

And Raven says…

Wet wipes or chocolate covered son?

D. *glares at Raven*

Wet wipes. In fact I think  I would miss them too in your time.

And on that note, I'll leave you to berate Raven, and I'll go back to my world.

D. Thanks so much for stopping by, Sir.

Oh and here's a short tease from my story…

"You will tell me all if this state of limbo continues past the point I can't bear it won't you?" One finger stroked up the soft cleft between each rounded globe and teased the puckered hole there. He might have consciously forgotten her, but his mind knew what worked to send her pulse soaring and her body shivering in anticipation of what was to come.
"Won't you, love?" His fingers stopped moving and she moaned in disappointment as she dithered how best to answer.
A sharp smack on each arse cheek made her gasp and squirm. His laugh was low, full of promise, and made her juices gather. This was the Perry she remembered. For each two smacks, he caressed her. For each caress his finger teased inside her that little bit more.
"Won't you?" His hand stilled and he began to remove his finger one tantalizing tiny movement after another.
"Y … yes, yes of course." She'd promise anything for him not to stop.
When he bit she came without warning. Her composure shattered, her cunt muscled tensed and relaxed and wave upon wave of stinging sensation bounced through her. How she didn't fall onto the coverlet and grind her nub and nipples to aid her release she'd never know. Probably only the ingrained desire to do as he demanded stopped her.
She cut her scream off by biting the coverlet, and his hand began to connect in earnest. Each stinging touch reverberated through her and sent a fresh spasm of juices from her channel and over her quim. Maggie flew, and her world shook.
"You came." He teased her cunt with one hand even as he spanked with the other. "I didn't say you could. How long can you last now, love?" The stinging thwacks stopped so suddenly she rued the loss as if someone severed her lifeline. Maggie groaned as Perry ran his hands over her sore—nicely sore—arse and up her spine, and followed them with tiny nipping kisses. When he reached the nape of her neck, she began to pant. Truly to be touched in such a way almost sent her over into the abyss once more.
"Roll over." He removed his hands and she did as he asked, wincing as the silk of the bedcover slid over her sensitive skin.
Perry must have seen her wince for he paled and took her hands in his. "I have hurt you?"
"No, No, not hurt. Stung in a good way." He looked doubtful. Maggie speculated on the best way to reassure him. It seemed there were some parts of their lovemaking that hadn't come back to him. She glanced pointedly at his cock, which lifted the shirt he wore and stood out proudly, glistening with his juice.
"Your cock seemed to enjoy it," she said softly. "Your breathing isn't regular, and your body is flushed. Are you telling me we shouldn't do something we both enjoy? You gave me a command and I couldn't follow it. You punished me in such a way I gained my release over and over. Yes my arse is sore from your attentions but in such a way I would weep if it didn't receive them. We decided," she hesitated, but she had to continue. "We decided this was how we wanted to love each other. With you in charge and giving us our releases as you desired. Sometimes you would tell me to do as I thought fit, other times you demanded my obedience. It is what we chose Perry. We." Again she emphasized the word. "We chose to do. And my arse may be sensitive now, but who knows where will join it. It brings us both such pleasure I would be bereft without such attention." Maggie knew fine how that felt. For so long she hadn't had any contact with Perry, and her body—and mind—missed him. She hoped and prayed those long lonely times were about to come to an end.
"Ah, if you are sure? Dammit, Maggie, it all seemed so right, so familiar and so us, and then you winced and I wasn't convinced if I hadn't done you a disservice and assaulted you."
"Believe me, my lord, if I hadn't wanted that attention you'd have known soon enough. I loved it, the sting is something to treasure, the aftermath even more so, and the bites are a reminder of what we can do for each other."
He traced her nipples one after another and nipped each nub just the pleasure side of pain. "And you do all that for me as well?"
She nodded. "When you say so."
He bent his head and addressed her nipples with his teeth. "And this?" She hissed as he bit down on the tender nubs. He knew just how far to go. "Yeess, and that."
Perry lifted his head. "Good. So you will do anything I say? Within reason?"
"Within reason," Maggie agreed. Having come this far she decided perhaps it would be prudent to spell a few important details out. "We chose words, which if used meant whatever we were doing needed to stop forthwith. A safely net if you like."
He considered that as he continued to nip and soothe her nipples. "Do we use these words often?"
Maggie shook her head. "Never as yet and there is only one. The word is Boney. You said that epithet was enough to stop anyone in their tracks."

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