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#Giveaway and a Devil Dom with @RavenMcAllan #newrelease @evernightpub

It's always a happy day when Raven comes to visit, and today I have pinned her and the characters from her brand new release down to answer my nosy questions.

Well, just look at that cover. Does it not have you all sorts of intrigued?

Raven, this is such an intriguing title. Tell me how you came up with it.
R. well kisses Budda and slips him chocolate He's a Devil, he's a Dom and he's Livvy's. As he says whether she likes it or not. It just fits the story so perfectly.
So, Sael is the devil or…. *ducks*
R Or … sniggers Well if you're brave enough to ask a Dom a question like that, good on you. I daren't. He has 'the look' you know? I tried once and ouch, his eyes do send darts of fire. And they sting. He rolled them, shrugged and flicked his tail almost on my butt, and said if he was my personal Devil I'd like it. Hmm, can we move on?
Er yes, perhaps we'd better
He does have a magnificent tail on your cover, I must say. Does that come in handy in err other activities?
R Evidently. Shiver
What was Livvy's first reaction when she realized who Sael was?
R She thought the mushrooms she'd eaten for tea were of the magic variety. I mean who wouldn't. And tell Sael to stop glaring, he knows I'm right.
Does submission come easy to her?
R not in the slightest. She's always looked after herself, is in charge of her life and doesn't understand it at all. Until… Well until…
Why is it so important that she does submit?
R The phrase from Sael, "my life depends on it" is true.
Are there any others like Sael? Should we be worried?
R As Sael explains to Livvy,  "My name is Sael De Laphouresse. In human age, I'm thirty- five. On Saffaul? Add thousands. I come from a long line of Saffaulian Rulers. We control the Devils within the recess of a person's soul. Each of us has a soul we take care of, cherish, nurture, and eventually live within. Once, many eons ago, we ruled all Devils, both the Devils Within and the Inner Devils. Two types of Devils, light and dark, good and bad. Sadly, not everyone chooses to have a good Devil within them.
Sael is a Devil within, so his type is okay…but the others? Oh no, no, no, shudder
Sael describe your home to us.
Saffaul is a world of contrasts, of seasons and sun. And of Inner Devils. It had its own rues and way of life that is unique. And therein lies the problem. How can I expect my Livvy to understand them?
Livvy, would you ever live there?
Maybe one day. Hmm, maybe… It's too complicated to explain, but it is nothing like we know. The scenery might look similar, but the similarity ends there.

Quick fire answers:
Favourite body part of your partner
L… Horns snigger
S… Behind her left knee
L…"er why?
S… you're ticklish there
L… bugger
S… yes please
L… Stop that now
S… Spoil sport
L.. yep

What scares you?
S… that I'll lose Livvy or Saffaul will lose me
L… Devil withins

What does happiness mean to you?
S… Livvy and... Ouch what was that thump for?
L… Sael, and cos don't give the story away

Favorite sexual position?
L blushes Devil style
S any as long as it's with Liv
Brown or white bread?
S bread? Yuk
L white seeded
Tea or coffee?
Both… Coffee
Handcuffs or rope or…?
S my tail
L nods his tail

and lastly What is in your future?
L Hope.
S and trust, and my … okay okay… read the book

When Livvy releases the devil within, he comes with sex that is out of this world—and the small matter of a life or death and decision. As for Sael, he has never met a more ornery or sexy as hell human than formerly-vanilla teacher, Livvy.
She belongs to him, for now, and this devil Dom will try everything in his power to ensure she stays his.
He needs her complete submission to survive, but even if she gives it, will it be a happy-ever-after or hell on earth?
So a wee tease for you

As for coming in my ass? He can bugger off, not in. What? Never, ever, ever. Not there.                                                                                                                       
"Oh, yes, there. You have such a sweet ass, perfect for me, and you love that sweet sting. Your cries of arousal are perfect. However, that's for later. Oh, yes, it is." He stopped her with an imperative wave of his hand, as she was about to rush into speech. She shut her mouth and glared at him. "You might need to temper those icy stares a bit. No one will believe I'm all and everything to you, if you keep freezing me out like that. However, when you remember your sweet subservient 'yes, Sirs' it’s a start. Saffaul demands instant obedience. I'm not quite so dictatorial, although, I confess, I can have my moments. However, when it comes to sex, I am in charge."
Livvy stayed silent. It was either that or commit major, painful violence. He seemed to interpret her silence as agreement. "Good girl."
Patronizing git. She still stayed silent, though.
As he'd talked, he'd paced the room. Now, he nodded and sat down in a seat near—but not too near, fortunately—her. When she'd decorated this room, she hadn't realized just how erotic it could be. The swirls of grey, mauve, and silver in the curtains shimmered in a rich, silky splendor. The cushions were big and squashy, perfect to sit, or put your head on. The carpet, thick and soft, invited you to stretch out on it. The bed had metal ornately carved head and footboards, and the seat, now occupied by the man from her dreams, was deep, and wide enough for two people to squash into. Looking at it now, she suddenly thought how perfect the carved arms would be for tying something, or someone to.
Where did that come from? With a sinking feeling, Livvy thought that chair seemed designed with him in mind.
"So, let me try to get this straight," she said. "Last year, I somehow unleashed my Inner Devil?" Humor him. She smiled in what she hoped was a reassuring, "Oh, I believe all you're saying" manner.
"No." His fangs appeared again.
"No? And put your fangs away. It's rude to flash in public." He growled, but to Liv's relief, the fangs began to disappear. "So?" She prompted. "If I didn't do that, what did I do?" "Released the Devil Within. Like I've told you, that's something quite different. You have either-or, not both. Be glad you have me. I'm one of the good guys. That's why you need to save me. And incidentally, save yourself."
He seemed to be waiting for her to answer. She obliged. After all if she needed to make a report to the authorities she had to know just what she was reporting.
There's a man who says he's my good devil wanting me to do all sorts of weird and wonderful things. He say's he's from another planet. Yeah, sounds about right, eh?
"Now, in words of one syllable, what else are you going to hit me with? And not your hand on my ass, either." However much I like the idea of that. "I've had the name, address, and occupation. Reality and dreams. Is that everything? Tell me. So at the end, I know whether to lock myself in the loo and ring for the police, and say there's a nutter here, give you a glass of water and a chance to cool down, or run screaming to my mum. Or realize I'm as crazy as you are, and I believe everything you're saying."
"None of the above. Accept we're both sane, and this is our destiny."
Livvy shook her head. "You make me accept our sanity, and not by coercion, either. Words, not actions. Tell, not show."
"Spoilsport." He seemed to have found his humor again. "I was always told actions speak louder than words." He winked and grinned. The words "wicked, evil grin" must have been coined especially for him.
"Not in this case, buster. Spill." His eyes widened. Livvy groaned. How the hell could he read innuendo into everything she said? "The beans. Tell me everything else."
"So, are you sitting comfortably?" The oft-spoken words of childhood made her smile. She nodded. Well, as best I can with a sore ass. He chose to ignore that thought, she decided.
"So, I'll begin." He beckoned to her and grinned. "Well, continue, but hey, I have to keep those words. Reminds me of my childhood. Human tales before bed. You get fairy tales. We had human ones. Now, I need you beside me. Come here."
Was that a command or a request?
"Either or, as long as you do it."
"Stop reading my mind," Livvy said indignantly.
"Stop making me," he said unrepentantly. "Or you'll have an even sorer ass. One you won't want to sit on for a week. Just do as I comm—er, ask without the arguments, verbal or not."
Livvy stared at him.
He sighed. "Livvy, accept this now, or we stop. Take it as an order, a demand, command, whatever. Just do it. Or I'll think you want your sweet ass red and glowing for me. Believe me now. I'm happy to oblige you. So?"
She smiled at him, and tried to keep her face blank and her mind empty. Let him wonder. Slowly, she stood up and walked over to where he sat. When she reached him, he pulled her down onto his lap. Livvy let him settle her, interestingly with no hard cock pressed against her, demanding entrance.
"That's for later. No, you didn't think it. I felt your wriggle," Sael murmured into her ear. "I have pledged my oath to my elders that I won't use sex to bind you. So, are you ready?"
In spite of herself, Livvy was interested. So was her body, dammit. Her pussy clenched, getting damp and hot. "Right, so why then? That night, last year of—er—"
"Hot, sweaty, and bloody good sex?" he said. "It happened because your body was ready. Unknown to you, you'd been sending me messages for ages. You were bored, unfulfilled, and ripe for something else. So, you were ready for me, for our beginning. Our council told me it was time for me to be in you, and show myself to you. On our very first night together, as I watched you come for me, and you watched my cum drip and spurt all over you, I knew. Our time was about to begin. My chance of life was there if I could show you what we could be."
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