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It's time for another tease. I seem to be on a bear shifter binge at the moment, both reading and writing wise. My current WIP involves a yummy bear, but I'm going to tease from The Curse. This story is part of the Sinsperationally Yours Anthology which is scheduled to release very, very soon!

Watch this space!


So, for my tease.... Silas realizes that he's in a shed load of trouble. What is he going to do with this little human activist who stumbled into his circus?

"Is everything all right, Silas? Ramoz said there was a spot of bother with one of those activists. I must admit I thought we got rid of them."
Silas mustered a smile for Veronika and nodded at Ramoz over her head.
"Everything is fine, but I need to borrow some clothes for her. I think yours should fit."
Surprise registered on her features edged with concern.
"She is okay, though? Salis didn't…"
Silas shook his head and balled his hands into fists.
"No, it was me." He risked a glance at Veronika's face and flinched at Ramoz's curse.
"Getting involved with one of them is asking for trouble. We'll have to move sooner, rather than later now. If she goes to the authorities…."
"She doesn't know anything, Ramoz." Silas interrupted the other man, and Veronika intervened.
"I'm sure Silas here will have had a good reason. He knows what's at stake here, better than anyone." She handed Silas a dress not unlike the one he had ripped off Angelique's curves earlier and he groaned at the mental image of her naked and quivering under his fingers. He could still taste her on his tongue and his balls ached and his dick throbbed with the need to fuck her senseless. It was that very need that had forced him to stop, a need that spoke too much of a bond he couldn't allow himself to forge with anyone, let alone a human. The risks were too great of it happening again.
One like him was an anomaly. More than one and they would set a precedent that his kind did not need, and he didn't wish this state of limbo on anyone.
"Is she the one?" Veronika asked.
Ramoz swore again and Silas shook his head.
"There isn't the one, not for us anyway."
Veronika's smile deepened at his vehement denial, and she pointedly looked at the dress in his hands.
"If she isn't, then why did your famous control slip to such a degree that I have to lend her a dress? I'm assuming she didn't tear it on a fence."
"I never said it was torn, I—"
"Spare me, Silas. I saw the way you looked at her during your performance. Both of you clocked her and I didn't need my shifter senses to notice the chemistry or the way you both ran away once your act was over, yet clearly you couldn't stay away. That there tells me something, and it's why Ramoz is so antsy." She smiled at her husband and put a hand up to stop him from responding. "Running away from this will not help, you know. The only chance you have is to claim her and hope it all works out for the best."
Silas shook his head and swallowed the profanity bubbling on his tongue.
"That is never going to happen."
He murmured his thanks and stalked back to his caravan. The closer he got to it the stronger her scent was, and he hid his smile when he spotted her. Wrapped in the robe he'd given her she stood on the top step of the caravan. White as a sheet, and seemingly terrified by Salis's hulking presence she nonetheless extended a shaky hand and gingerly touched the bear's fur.
Salis's silent curse echoed his own, as he too felt that tentative touch sear his skin, as though her slender fingers had touched him too.
"There, nice bear. There you go. You're not gonna eat me, are you? I'm sure he keeps you well fed, and besides it would make an awful mess. There now, just let me past, and we'll be all good."
She barely suppressed a shriek when Salis roared his denial and she hastily withdrew her hand, and stared at him.
"Damn it, this is insane. I need to go before he comes back."
The desperation behind those whispered words tore at his gut and he cleared his throat to announce his arrival.
Her wide grey eyes that reminded him of a summer storm focused on him and her mouth formed a silent O when she spotted the dress in his hands.
"You did go in search of clothes?"
"I told you I would. What else did you think I'd gone to do?"
She blushed again, a delightful shade of pink that lit up her features and had him itch to kiss the worry lines around her mouth away.
"I don't know," she said. "Garnish maybe, to feed me to your bear?"
Silas laughed and she stuck her tongue out at him.
"Well, what am I supposed to think? He doesn't seem to act like a normal bear would, so maybe annoying human with a side dish of garnish and mayo is just what he's looking for."
Salis snorted in his head, and Silas flashed Angelique a grin.
"Trust me, if Salis wanted to eat you, he'd start with your pussy and stay there. All that cream would keep this bear very happy."
His dick twitched his agreement and Angelique gave a little nervous laugh.
"You're joking, right? Cause that's just … well…"
I'm game if you are.
Salis's amused voice in his head made him shake his head and Angelique breathed a sigh of relief when he ordered the bear to stand down.
"Just get dressed, and then we'll talk."
He threw her the dress and laughed again at the speed with which she scrambled into the caravan and shut the door.
Silas stood and watched his bear in bemusement.
"What the fuck are we going to do, Salis?"
I say we eat her. 

Here's the Blurb for my story:

When Angelique Duvenne visits the circus, she's a woman on a mission. The last thing she expects to happen is to fall in lust with the very man who stands for everything she despises about humans and their treatment of animals.
Silas and his dancing bear are the star attraction of the Cirque des Monstres. They do not need a little activist to interfere. Especially one they feel drawn to. The cursed shifters are not looking for love, but love may have just found them.
Will Angelique run, or will she stay and meet her destiny?


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  1. this story sounds hot, But where are the authors names on the cover?

    1. Thanks, Raven, and like I said, watch this space ;-)

  2. So... When you say it's going to release very, very soon, do you mean by Thanksgiving? Christmas? 'Cause, damn, what an excerpt!

    Seems like they're still hungry too. I do believe she'd make them a lovely meal. :) Again.

  3. Awesome! You write some sexy bears!

  4. Oh Doris... you never disappoint! :)