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#Squee It's Release Day for The Curse (Sinsperationally Anthology) #bearshiftermenage #giveaway

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Look what's here!

Welcome to the realm where sin, desire, and love collide with all things that go bump in the night. Where tales of lust are flavored with a happily ever after or a happy for now.
Ghosts and Vampires and Werebears oh my! Immortal heroes and heroines who strike fear in those they meet but also ignite passion and desire. Sinsperationally Yours.

My story is called The Curse:

When Angelique Duvenne visits the circus, she's a woman on a mission. The last thing she expects to happen is to fall in lust with the very man who stands for everything she despises about humans and their treatment of animals.

Silas and his dancing bear are the star attraction of the Cirque des Monstres. They do not need a little activist to interfere. Especially one they feel drawn to. The cursed shifters are not looking for love, but love may have just found them.

Will Angelique run, or will she stay and meet her destiny?


I don't know about you, but I've always had a fascination with the circus, and when you think about it, it would be the perfect place for shifters to hide in full view, wouldn't it?

However, what would happen if an animal rights activist was to infiltrate the circus, determined to make sure the animals were treated right? Such was the premise for my story. Angelique had no idea that shifters exist and she cannot understand this instant connection she feels with Silas, the bear handler. She should not feel drawn to him at all, quite the opposite.

You know that saying? Love will find you in the most unexpected places? Yeah, neither, Silas nor his bear are looking for love, but when your mate walks into your circus, there is only one thing you can do...

Here is a little hot excerpt.

His whole body tingled with the force of his release, with the rush of affection and the need to possess the woman under him. Her scent called him home. The sweetest aphrodisiac it set light to each and every one of his nerve endings, urging him to make her his.
Ours, brother, ours.
Salis fair roared in his ears, and Silas shook his head unable to block out his twin's thoughts. His skin heated and his jaw ached, as Salis fought him for control to shift into his human state, but he couldn't let him, not now, not here.
If Angelique was to accept them both, and he prayed with every ounce of his consciousness that she would, then it would have to be her choice. Not one forced on her by Salis or wrung from her in a moment of passion. It would be so easy to simply bite her and claim her. She would not resist him, as much in thrall of the bond that drew them together as he was, but he wouldn't, couldn't do that to her.
Already she was too important to him, but he could no more stop himself from fucking her now that he could stop breathing. It would be the only way to get some measure of control, to help him fight Salis's pull on his human body, to enable him to stop the shift that would leave him trapped in the bear form they shared, and unable to explain to her what he needed to keep her safe.
"Silas?" Her worried whisper forced his attention back on her, and he dipped his head to kiss her. The moment their lips touched Salis's hold on him lessened and he drank in the taste and feel of the woman grinding herself into him, as though she wanted to climb into his skin.
"I'm here, little one, I'm here."
She thumped his shoulder in annoyance and he grinned into her neck, before he licked her rapidly beating pulse point. Like a beacon it signaled her need for him, as clearly as her little pants and soft moans into his ear, as he kissed a path along her skin, until he reached the little row of buttons holding her dress together.
Her breath hitched when he undid first one, then the next and so forth, until her dress fell away and her luscious curves were there for him to feast on. Her tits drew him and he palmed the heavy globes and flicked his thumbs over her little hard nipples.
She arched into his touch with a delightful little moan that shot straight to his cock, and he pushed her breasts together to enable him to suck both the wanton little nubs into his mouth.
"Silas … oh god, that feels so good."
He grinned around his precious mouthful and she whimpered when he bit down hard. Her body bowed off the bed, her finger nails once again digging into his skin, and she willingly opened her thighs wide when he abandoned her breasts and kissed his way down to her mound.
Her entire torso flushed with the fine sheen of arousal and she pushed herself into his waiting mouth. Her clit stood proud, the color of her little nub much darker than her surrounding tissues and he blew against that bundle of nerves, coaxing it further out of its little hood.  She dug her feet into the mattress and lifted her hips and he grasped her ass cheeks and allowed himself to feast on the bountiful cream coating her bare flesh. No hair hindered his progress, and he lapped at her sweet juices, tunneling his tongue inside her pussy hole.
Her whimpers increased in cadence, the sound so incredibly erotic he was in serious danger of shooting his load there and then, despite his earlier release.
Angelique moaned her denial when he released his hold on her sodden folds with one last, long lick along her slit, from her clit all the way along her labial lips across the soft skin of her perineum to her little puckered hole.
She tensed for a second when he lingered there and then pushed his tongue through the rim of her anus, at the same time as he thrust two fingers into her pussy.
Her internal walls clenched around his digits, and her pleas got louder, the closer she came to her release.
He hummed his approval into her sweet cunt and then stepped up his assault, until she splintered under his fingers and tongue.  Her pussy clamped down on his fingers and he wished liked fuck it was his cock she was milking with her satiny walls.
"God, Silas … yes … yes … oh god, I'm coming… Oh." Her whole body went tense and then shook in delightful little quivers. He waited until she grew still and then aligned his cock with her entrance.
"Are you ready for me, little one?" He had to ask. He had to make sure this is what she wanted, even as Salis roared in his ear to take her and to make her theirs.
"Yes, god, yes, please… just fuck me."

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  1. oh my Doris i like the sound of this. Not fussy on the circus, but id definitely go for them. Congrats with the release