Wednesday, 27 November 2013

#MWTease from The Bear Project #NaNoWriMo #bearshifter

I'm revisiting my NaNo piece today, in celebration of the fact that I finished it last week, and it's now in the capable hands of my beta to pull it apart. All being well, I hope to have it subbed by the end of the week.

*crosses fingers*

So here is one last tease from this manuscript. It's unedited and definitely HAWT!

In this little snippet a pregnant Emmi is just a tad desperate for Cole to stop being so restrained...

Emmi ran her hands up and down his torso in slow circles that branded his skin. She twirled her fingers through his chest hair and followed the trail to his waistband.
His hips surged upwards when she dug her hand underneath it and touched the head of his cock.
"If you're not going to fuck me, I'll just have to fuck you instead, won't I."
She smiled at him like the cat that got the cream, when she popped the button and slid his zip down.
Cole hissed through his teeth at the sweet torture and he lifted his butt to help her pull the jeans down his thighs. Slick with his pre-cum his cock bounced upwards and almost hit her in the face.
Emmi giggled and grabbed the base of his shaft with one hand and slid her fingernail through his wet slit.
"Jesus, baby." He groaned out loud and his mouth went dry when she raised that finger to her mouth and licked it clean.
"I want this, and I'm just going to take it, big boy." Without any further warning she went down on him and Cole shut his eyes to the multitude of sensations assaulting him. When the head of his cock hit her throat, he swore again and despite his intentions of letting her set the pace, he wrapped his fists in her hair and took control.
Emmi gagged several times before she swallowed and the tight movement around his head sent him over the edge, and he gave his beast free reign. He pulled her off and kicked the rest of his jeans off all the way at the same time. The sight of her saliva coating his dick, and her mouth and chin all wet from their combined fluids made him growl deep in his throat.
"Come here, sugar, and finish what you started. On your knees in front of me now, and show me how much you really want my cock."
Her eyes widened and her breathing hitched, but she scrambled to comply with a speed that left him breathless too.
"And strip. I want you naked, so I can see your tits bounce and your cream coating your thighs while you swallow my cock. I bet you're so wet already your underwear is soaked through."
She nodded and his dominant side reveled in the way she complied. Cole groaned under his breath when she shrugged out of her blouse and when her breast fell free he had to indulge himself. Emmi trembled in need when he weighed each one in his hands. The nipples firmed in their pregnancy darkened areolae, and she whispered his name, when he rubbed his chin over the firm nubs.
"Cole, please…"
"Shhh, sugar, these are mine, to do with as I please, are they not?"
Emmi bit her lip and nodded and he took one nipple between forefinger and thumb and squeezed. A tiny pearl of liquid appeared and Emmi panted her need as she rubbed her thighs together.
Cole bent and licked that drop away and Emmi went limp against his legs, when he suckled in earnest. The tiniest drops of colostrum coated his tongue and he swallowed the sweet tasting nectar greedily, as Emmi writhed under him.
"God, Cole … please… Oh, lord I'm going to … oh… Yes!"
He stepped up his assault, blown away by her responsiveness, and his own needs forgotten for the moment, suckled her into orgasm. Her release when it came, was explosive and loud, and she hung onto his shoulders for dear life. Cole slowed his rhythmic sucking in tune with the trembles rocking her body, and when she exhaled on a loud sigh, he lifted his head to look at her.
"Look at me, sugar."
She followed his growled command immediately and he lost himself in the passion filled depth of her gaze.
"I thought you said you weren't going to fuck me?" she whispered.
Cole grinned and said the words that were on his heart.

"I'm not and I'm not going to. I'm making love to the woman I love."


Now that I got you all hot and bothered, go visit the other teasers. This is our last MWTease until the new year.



  1. Love, lady. And his response at the end? Perfect.

    And thank you for helping me again. ;)

    1. Hey, no probs. To quote Cole in another part of this ms. Rescuing damsels in distress is my specialty don'tcha know! ;-)