Friday, 30 January 2015

Flash Fiction Friday - Cat out of the Bag #FFF

Happy Friday, folks. This picture just screamed at me when we were given it. In fact, I wish I had more words... Anyhoo, enjoy, I hope :-)

To see the picture inspiration please click here.

John heard his father’s ravings before he’d even made it into the hall, and their old housekeeper winced as something hit the solid oak door of the old man’s study.
“He’s in a foul mood after seeing the papers. Perhaps you should come back tomorrow, Johnny.”
He shook his head, and twisted his wedding ring.
“No, this is long overdue, and really not the way I wanted to tell him, but—“
The door flung open and his father’s fury hit him straight in the gut, as he threw the papers in John’s face.

“How fucking dare you? Get out.”


Friday Flashers have 100 words to tell a story from the provided picture prompt. Do check out the other flashers. You won't be disappointed. :-)
Till next week, folks.

D x  


  1. You really have me wondering about this story. It is full of drama and I want to know the full story. Great flasher Doris

  2. Nice teaser Doris I to want to know more

  3. Inquiring minds want to know more!!

  4. You know me...I'd love to see more :-)

  5. It is a hot topic and perhaps the 'reveal' could have been handled a little better, but we would have missed all this wonderful drama. This is a very engaging flash. xo

  6. OK what happend next did he go or stay???? well done :)

  7. So tense and hot. I wonder how he told his father, but I think by the papers he already found out. Great flasher! Would love to be the fly on that wall.