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#MWTease from Let's Get it On "I want to see my pussy..." #bdsm #mfm @sirenbookstrand

Hello lovely peeps, and welcome to the Mid Week Tease. Yes, it's back with a brand new look for 2015, thanks to our hostess with the mostest, the awesome Sandra Bunino.

If you're an author, then why not join us. You can sign up on Sandra's Blog and join in the fun. Be warned though, your TBR list will get longer. I have picked up several awesome reads from my fellow teasers last year.

So, on to my first tease of the new year. Taken from Let's Get it On, which releases on January 12th.

*happy squeal*

I've picked you an exclusive little HOT tease from this story. To set the scene, Cyrus has been out of the country, and this is him re-connecting with Lily....

“Knees up and spread your legs, girl. Come on, I know you can do it, and I want to see my pussy.”
Lily complied with a groan and Cyrus watched through hooded eyes as she brought her knees up and let them fall apart. The action caused her pussy lips to open to his gaze and it was his turn to groan as his cock jerked and his balls drew up tight. Her clit stood huge and engorged out of its usual hiding place, the surrounding flesh dark from the amount of blood that had rushed to the area, and her pussy hole clenched and released. Yet more of her feminine arousal escaped with each quiver, and slid down to her puckered nether hole. Cyrus grinned, as he realized that he wouldn’t need much lube at all to insert the new glass toy he’d also brought back with him. She was so wet already it was beyond gratifying to witness. It would give her a taste of what it would feel like to be taken by both him and Sloan at the same time, and she would be so fucking tight around his junk when he took her pussy. Perspiration broke out on Cyrus’s forehead and beads of sweat clouded his vision as he imagined her tight little cunt closing around him, drawing him deeper into the clasp of her body. He would finish off in her ass. He had promised her he would fill all of her holes, and he always kept his promises.
“Beautiful, little subbie. So eager for my cock, aren’t you?” Taking his dick in hand he tortured them both by sliding the tip of his erection through her wet slit repeatedly, bumping into her hard nub at every upstroke, and pushing against her rosette on the way down. Lily whimpered and mewled and lifted her hips toward him, and it took all of his will power to not simply thrust into her dewy heat and bury himself balls deep. Not for the first time he thanked the fact that Lily was on a contraceptive implant, thus eliminating the need for condoms. Without any barrier between them, sensations were heightened to such a degree that the most exquisite pleasure shot up through his dick, and he ground his teeth and forced himself to step back, and pick up the rope again.
“Far too eager, in fact. I’m going to keep those legs open with the ropes, and tie you until you can’t move. How would you like that?”
Lily groaned in answer and he laughed and set to work. Setting her heels on the table he tied her ankles to her thighs and tied the ends of the rope to the table legs. A further rope went across her abdomen holding her in place and he was rewarded with more of her cream as he stepped back and surveyed his handiwork. Eyes closed, her hair fanned across the table, with the intricate rope work crossing her pale skin, she looked utterly stunning to him, and completely at his mercy. The Dom in him roared and, bending down he took out the knife needed, ready to free her from her bonds at the flick of a sharp blade if needed.
Cyrus ran his hands up and down her body, satisfied with the way she leaned into his touch as much as she could, and the way her breathing grew shallow.
“That’s my girl. If only you could see yourself, all trembling and open for your Sir like this. Give me a color, baby. Is it red, yellow, or green?”
They had previously decided that sticking with the traffic light system would serve Lily’s needs best. Cyrus knew she had cried yellow at few times with Sloan, which meant she needed a minute to process, but never red, which would have ended the scene immediately. Green, of course, meant full steam ahead.
“Green. Oh, so green, Sir. Please, please fuck me.”
Her breathless reply shot straight to his groin and he grinned as he picked up the butt plug. It was the biggest size she had taken so far, but Sloan had assured him that she could and would take it. Their girl enjoyed anal play, and he proceeded to slather it in generous amounts of lube. He rested the slick toy on her tummy and Lily’s stomach muscles jumped and she whimpered when she lifted her head to see what he was doing.
“Head down and eyes closed, girl. I want to you just feel and not worry about what I’m doing.”

“O–okay but… Oh, please don’t stop, Sir.”

[Ménage Amour: Erotic Consensual BDSM Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, spanking, caning, ice play, erotic asphyxiation, sex toys, HEA]

When Lily Jephson falls asleep at work, her erotic dream is witnessed by none other than her boss’s brother. Awkward doesn’t begin to describe it, especially when she can’t help but respond to the enigmatic Dom. She wants his brother…doesn’t she?

Cyrus Cooper loves to play games, and he can’t resist the opportunity to yank his brother’s chain a bit. Nothing will convince the stubborn Sloan more to finally make a move on Lily than thinking this delightful subbie is involved with Cyrus.

However, when it becomes apparent that Lily needs help to work through the emotional scars left behind by her early introduction into the lifestyle, Cyrus knows this is far more than a game. The brothers are just the Doms to show her what a true D/s relationship should be like.

Lily thrives under their combined Dominance, but when her old Master re-appears her life is put in danger.

She has never needed her Sirs more.

Releases January 12th and is available for preorder now at Bookstrand with a 10% Discount.


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Stay naughty, folks.

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  1. What a tantalizing tease Doris. Now I'm all hot and bothered at work, but it was worth it!! Can't wait to get my hands on this one!!

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