Tuesday, 6 January 2015

#TantalizingTuesdays - Good Intentions

Happy Tuesday, folks. In today's tease my heroine's good intentions might get her more than she bargained for ;-)

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“No. Wait, you’re hurt...” Rebecca tried to keep her voice low, so as not to spook the injured animal further, but the big grey wolf disappeared through the hole in the run down fence anyway.
Could this day get any worse? Late for work already, she’d almost hit the streak of grey that came out of nowhere. The car in the opposite lane hadn’t even tried to slow down. No, that sorry excuse for a human being had plowed straight into the animal. The wolf—at least she assumed he was a wolf, as ludicrous as that seemed—had landed on her bonnet, and his yelp of pain had almost sounded human to her.
Rebecca had watched in horror, as he slowly rolled off and fell on the floor. By the time she’d managed to get out of the car, the animal was limping away. He’d stopped briefly, swung his big head round to look at her, and she’d lost herself in the intensity of his gaze. And now he was in there, probably bleeding to death, judging by the trail of blood she was following to the house.

Movement behind the window made her look up. Shit, those eyes….

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As ever, let me know what you thought of my teaser today. 

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  1. Nice teaser Doris hope we find out what happened next

  2. Oh yes...we need to know what happens next!!

  3. Shit those eyes, indeed, Doris! What a great B&W photo. I would follow those woods into the woods, too. This sets the stage as a wonderful backstory.....to a splendid love story. You did it again. I love it. xo

  4. I wanted to read more of this. This was very intersting.

  5. Very intense. She has definitely been marked by the beast.

  6. I found myself needing to know more about the story. great tease