Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Blog Hop Of Love

Isn't that a wonderful title for a Blog Hop?

TBR's Blog Hop of Love!
Feb. 9th - Feb. 14th.
10 book winners and 1 $20.00 Amazon winner!

Sounds fab, right?

All you have to do to win is leave a comment. Comment on all the blogs taking part and you will receive three extra entries into the BIG price, provided by The To Be Read Pile.

So, go on. What are you waiting for? Off you hop!

There are some great books up for grabs. I'm throwing my sexy firefighter into the mix.

When firefighter Alex Giovanni returns to his old neighborhood to fulfill family obligations, he is reunited with the woman inhabiting his dreams. The sexy siren ran out on him after one explosive night many years ago. Hiding behind her sensible clothes she portrays the perfect image of Miss Prim and Proper and Alex vows to unlock the passionate woman he remembers. Mixing business with pleasure has never been so much fun.

Kitty Jenkins’ orderly life gets turned upside down when Alex walks into her school. Their passion filled night four years ago has left her with a secret that threatens to tear them apart. Giving into Alex is out of the question, regardless of how much her body craves his touch.

When secrets spill and disaster strikes, can their passion turn into love?


Kitty’s heart beat a strange staccato against her breastbone. What had possessed her to slip back into her school girl outfit, she would never know. Yet here she was, dressed like some third-rate hooker, about to embark on a one night stand. Taking a deep, fortifying breath, she knocked on the door of Alex’s hotel room. All was quiet on the other side, and she was just about to turn round when the door opened; and Kitty’s greeting stuck in her throat.
Dressed in nothing but low riding jeans, Alex smiled at her, and she hastily wrenched her eyes upwards from the incredible abs on display. Covered with a light dusting of chest hair that trailed down to his jeans, they would give any model a run for his money, and Kitty swallowed. Dressed he was bad enough, but like this he was breathtaking, and judging by that lazy smile he knew it, too.
“Room service around here just keeps on getting better.” Alex’s husky voice raised goose bumps on her exposed skin. “Coming in?”
He hooked one finger under her chin and tugged the end of her shirt tails with the other hand, forcing her to take a step toward him.
“I-I shouldn’t be here, really. I’m not sure why I’m even here.” Kitty mumbled the words, and heat spread into her cheeks.
Alex merely smiled and pulled her closer still. “Liar, we both know why you’re here. Question is, my naughty little girl, will you step through the door and expand your curriculum?” Alex’s heated whispers against her ear sent her heart into overdrive, and she leant into his warmth.  His clean, male scent wrapped itself round her senses, and her stomach flip-flopped in delicious anticipation. It had been so long since any man had held her. That had to be the reason for her immediate reaction to this man.
“Well, Sir, that all depends what you have in mind, because I have been very naughty.”
Alex went very still at her breathy statement, and Kitty bit her lip. Has she read this wrong? Was he not up for a little role-play? She hesitantly raised her eyes to his face to read his expression, and the heat in his gaze scorched her skin.
“So, I’ve heard. Come here, and take your punishment.” His deep voice had dropped several octaves, and he grabbed her by the wrist and spun her into the room. The door clicked shut, the sound loud in the quiet room, and before she could even blink, he had her pinned against the wall. One jeans clad thigh spread her legs wide, and he raised her hands high above her head, whilst his other hand blazed a trail of heat along her exposed tummy. His mouth claimed hers in a bruising kiss, and she opened to his quiet demand automatically. His tongue found hers in an erotic dance that left her jelly-legged, breathless, and grateful for his big body holding her up against the wall.
He groaned his approval when she kissed him back, and he deepened the kiss, his fingers slowly slipping south, until they dipped under the elastic of her thong.
“My, you are a naughty girl. What have we here?”
He chuckled into her neck, and Kitty gasped when he thrust one finger into her wet core.
“So wet already, and we’ve only just started.” He flicked her clitoris once, and the slight pain caused a renewed burst of moisture to coat his fingers as he inserted another finger into her and found her g-spot. Kitty moaned into his shoulder as sensations built deep inside her core, and he licked himself down the column of her throat towards her breast. She screamed when he bit one nipple through the shirt and bra and thrust her hips at him, desperate to reach the release his talented fingers were driving her toward.
“Not so fast. You’re being punished, remember.”
Alex smiled and withdrew his fingers.  He licked each digit in turn, murmuring his approval and then stepped back, his heated gaze roaming over her body. Kitty clenched her thighs together in a vain effort to relieve the hot ache in her pussy.
“Spread your legs, naughty girl.” Alex growled the demand, and Kitty’s eyes widened at the steely determination she saw in his face. “You will not come until I give you permission. Do you hear me?”
“Yes.”  Good God, does that porn star voice really belong to me?
Alex’s eyes narrowed, and Kitty automatically dropped her gaze. She licked her lips, seeing the huge erection straining the flies of his jeans. Oh my. He was clearly as turned on as she by their little game. But how far would he take this? And did she trust him enough to find out?
“Yes, what?” His deep voice held an edge of steel, and she bit back her moan. That voice alone would send her over the edge. Who’d have thought a little role-play could be so erotic?
“Yes, Sir.”
“Good girl. Now strip – slowly.”
Alex’s voice brooked no argument, and Kitty hastened to comply. She fumbled with the tails of her blouse until Alex stepped forward and ripped the thing clean off her.
“Not that slowly.”
His eyes wicked, he unhooked her bra and sent that, too, flying. He whistled his approval as her breasts fell free. He cupped each mound in turn, and spun her around and toward the double bed, which took up one side of the hotel room. The slap on her ass took her by surprise, and she yelped. He soothed the sting with his large hand massaging her ass cheeks, and he chuckled into her neck.
His fingers once again dipped into her wet folds, and she froze when he inserted one digit, slick with her juices, into her anus.  Heaven help her, that felt way too good. Heat spread across her skin, and Alex bit into her earlobe, as his fingers continued their erotic dance in and out of her forbidden passage, and her body betrayed her arousal by a renewed gush of moisture between her legs.
“That’s my naughty girl.” Alex’s erratic breathing into her neck pitched her own arousal sky high, and she put up no resistance when he urged her onto the bed, his naked, warm, torso heating her back.
“Get on all fours for me.”

Now that I got you all hot and bothered, go check out the rest of the books on offer. You won't be disappointed!

Hop, hop, and away, go on, hop!

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  1. Love the cover of this book, very sexy. Would love to win. Will follow on with the rest of the hop.
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  2. Oh how I luuurrrrrve hops :) Thank you for the snippet :) Secrets, desire, passion...I have a feeling this is one fun filled bumpy ride <3
    stacey jo


  3. Thanks for stopping by Chris and Stacey, and good luck :-)

  4. Heres my hop......HOP crash!.

  5. LOL! Just managed to get out of the way, there, Kooks ;-)

  6. Loved the excerpt and the blurb for this book. Sounds good. Thank you for sharing a little with us and for the chance to win it.

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  8. That looks like a great story - role play and a firefighter - rawr! This is a great start to the Blog Hop :)

    beyerlein @ sbcglobal .net

  9. Thank for stopping by Nay Nay and Sunflowery. Love those profile names btw!

    Good luck and happy hopping :-)

  10. Loved the excerpt, and that cover. I was hooked as soon as I saw the sexy firefighter ;-) Please enter me.


  11. Thanks for that excerpt- now I will be all hot and bothered. I love the cover and the sexy firefighter- Hot, Hot, Hot!

    your1chef at aol dot com

  12. I still want this book! Thank you so much for the blog hop and for the giveaway!


  13. you know, this book was on my tbr list and with that excerpt it is now on my MUST READ LIST!!!!!

    tigerblossoms at hotmail dot com

  14. Nothing like a sexy fireman to warm you up on a cold winter day.

    Cathy m
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  15. You just have to love a sexy firefighter. I think it's a law.


  16. Jennifer, glad you're hooked ;-)

    Christine, you're welcome! It's cold out, it's good to be hot and bothered! lol

    Thanks Carolyn :-) x

    Darcy, thanks for stopping by, and good luck!

    Squeee, thanks Teresa :-D That's music to my ears.

    Cathy, I couldn't agree more :-)

    Marybelle, I like that law!

    Good luck everyone and thanks for commenting.

  17. Who doesn't love a sexy firefighter!! Thanks for being part of the blog hop!

  18. Thanks for stopping by Savannah, and good luck :-)

  19. You're right. That excerpt got me quite hot and bothered. I'd love to read more, hopefully I'll win!
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  20. *giggle*

    Thank MJB and good luck :-)

  21. Happy Valentine's Day!

    Thanks for participating in such a great hop!

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  22. Great excerpt. Thank you so much
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