Saturday, 11 February 2012

Some suggestions for Valentines from Natalie Baum

Natalie asked me for some time on my blog at Valentines and reading what she has to say, well... I had to share it with you all.

Enjoy, but be warned....

you may need to do some research ;-)


Hello there, ladies! I'm toe-curling glad to be here guest blogging. Thank you, Doris for allowing me to share some sensory overload lovemaking suggestions with your loyal readers in honor of the upcoming lovers' holiday!
Now settle in all you sexy vixens, and get your pen and paper ready because when I read the following tips for the first time, I found myself immediately in need of a cold shower. Who am I kidding? Why would I hop into a shower alone when uncorking a spicy bottle of Chianti sounds so much more satifsfying? Especially if you factor in an exotic chocolate bar with that bottle.
One tip that I found particularly interesting involved bathing together in a bathtub before getting naked together. As much as I hope you've heard this suggestion before, I must say I think it bears repeating due to the fact that Valentines' Day is on a Tuesday this year…meaning you can start celebrating Saturday night and then again on Sunday and Monday and let's not forget Tuesday. If you talk your man into bathing with you every single one of those nights—girl! You no longer need my help with sex advice WHATSOEVER!
If however, you are new to the bathtub duet, I suggest this helpful idea. Always blindfold your partner prior to undressing in front of him and stepping into the bathtub. Just think of all of those bubbles ever so perfectly hiding  your significant body parts. Why let him view your sexy sexy before inching his way up your calf and working his way slowly towards it under water with his fingertips? Don't cheat yourself of his sensual, hungry touch, girl! Proper foreplay is an integral part of any stellar lovemaking session. Allow your time together in the bathtub to exactly serve this purpose.
Once you've both got your fill of sudsing-up and wish to dry off, step out of the tub, taking time to wrap one another in warm, fluffy towels. Yes, it's time to move into the budoir but no it's not time to let him climb on top of you. No way! You still deserve more foreplay than that ladies! Trust me, the more pre-sex activities the better your juicy after-flow of appreciation—if you get my drift.
So yes, head for the bed and certainly stay naked together. But rather than simply hopping into the dirty deed, surprise your man by instructing him to roll over on his stomach and then proceeding to climb on top of him. Show him you know how to properly use your hands by bestowing him with a back massage. Blow his mind by whipping out a bottle of massage lubricant, ensuring he catches a glimpse of it before dripping it across his back. Don't fret, this massage is just as much for your pleasure as for his, simply remember to lean forward brushing your breasts across his bare flesh often and regularly. This delicate sweeping, circling motion is sure to set your nipples a blaze!
As much as I would love to be able to lay claim to this helpful information, sure to result in hot lovemaking, Cosmopolitan magazine actually collected these tips and initially shared them. You can find the full article at:
Don’t worry about hurting my feelings if you find yourself longing to go there and read the low-down on what I've mentioned. Extensive research is the first step to all-night sensational sex as far as I'm concerned!
Should you find yourselves yearning to read even spicier lovemaking and dating tips please visit my website at
You can also check out my favorite saucy, sassy chef in my new book Callie Mallory Chicago Adventure @ Noble Romance: ( when additional hot and sexy physical tips are desired.
Happy Valentines' Day, everybody!  Here's to all of us getting steamy, hot, sweaty sex as often as we like over the next five days!
Hugs and kisses,
Natalie Baum 



  1. LOLOL Natalie, having a BIG bath is rather good, it saves too much water slopping over the bathroom floor. Child ... Mummy why are all the tiles on your bathroom floor lifting.
    Er ask your dad.
    off to but some body paint ( almost as good as massage oi but tastes nicer!)

  2. Hi Raven...oh my gosh--body paint! Now you're giving me good ideas. ;) It's a good thing that I love sharing baths in BIG bathtubs (I hear you on that one--the bigger the better, right? Make him swim for it if that's what suits your fancy I say.)
    Glad you enjoyed the post and here's to your bath tiles needing replacement by summer's end!