Sunday, 12 February 2012

Six Sentence Sunday

Today I am bringing you a hot six from Little Miss Frigid Knickers.

My contribution to  the Virgins Behaving Badly Anthology, coming soon from Evernight Publishing.

The growled command stopped her instantly and he lifted her off the bike with effortless ease. “The next time you come it’ll be with my cock inside you.”
Heaven help her, those words ought to be appalling her, but, instead of slapping his face, her newly awakened libido made her cling to him like a limpet. She ground her hips shamelessly into the huge ridge straining his jeans and the grip on her arms grew painful.
“Don’t play with me, Summer. You will lose this game.” 


  1. wow--he's straight to the point. like it.
    well done.

  2. Sounds to me like it would be a win win situation for both of them! ;-) Oh...and I really like men that get all growlly!

  3. Oh my! He knows what he wants!

  4. Liz, he sure is!

    Lol, Deanna, yeah I reckon so. Have to say all my heroes growl, sometimes too much ;-)

    Angela, yes Master J has been waiting for her for some time, so all gloves are off.

  5. Okay, he got my attention! Goodness, you write a good six... :)

  6. He doesn't beat about the bush (so to speak!). Great snippet.. and I love that your blog title has the word 'Tardis' in it. :)

  7. And does she win or lose this game? Of course, I guess that losing would all be a matter of perspective, right? ;-)

  8. Thanks Gayle, he certainly doesn't!

    Karysa, entirely up to interpretation. She loses something anyway ;-)