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Why Do I write regency menage? Guest blog and GIVEAWAY!

I give you the delectable Raven McAllan with her newest release Almost Entente Cordial. Raven has kindly agreed to give one lucky commenter an e-copy :-)

The contest closes midnight March 2nd GMT.

Over to you Raven...


Why do I write regency menage?
Why not contemporary menage? Or ordinary regency romance?
I don't have an answer to that. I write, full stop. Yes, I guess I have an idea, a tiny glimmer of my characters, but that's it. I start writing, and them—wham—it's not up to me any more. They take over. They tell me who they are, what they are, and where they intend to go and end up. I try to deviate at my own peril. They rule not me!
 I never thought I'd write historical, it wasn't something I thought I could do. But I can, and I do. And will continue to do so.
 This book Almost Entente Cordiale is different, in that is set at the turn of the century. Bonaparte is still a threat, and all French aristocrats who were spared, still remember the real threat of the guillotine.
 Enter Christianne who had managed to escape to England, and was viewed with suspicion. Could she be a spy?
 Well on, but someone else could!
I found the idea of Alastair and Julien's reasons for their relationship intriguing, and once Christianne came on the scene, even more so.
 I love a good complicated triangle. And do we ever have one here. the thrill of trying to sort their problems out, in a bygone age with constraints we laugh at today is more than challenging, and oh boy do I relish it. I just hope I do it justice.

 So here's a blurb and a tease.
 And if Doris lets me one lucky poster (within a week) will win an ecopy of  Almost Entente Cordiale…..

A woman with two husbands—husbands who are lovers. Is this a relationship doomed to failure?
Only she can decide.
When Julien returns from France, he did not expect to find his lover ballock-deep inside a woman. Especially when that woman is his own wife!
Christianne knew Alastair had a lover, but she did not expect that lover to be the husband she thought was dead.
As a marriage of convenience turns passionate, can the three of them make their illicit relationship work?
Or will Christianne have to choose which husband to keep?

And a real tease….(I hope)

"Well, my dear, an you wish to voyeur, perhaps you wish to give us direction?"
Ah, she so disliked that sarcastic, aristocratic, tone he could affect. No matter she had discovered he used it unknowingly at times of great agitation, it displeased her. Therefore...
"Oh, of a surety M’Lord. The first is to change the tone in which you are speaking. Sarcasm becomes no one, and is assuredly most unbecoming. To say nothing of deflating another’s ardor." There let him make of that what he will!
Alastair bowed elaborately; to the degree he was able when still close to another body, its cock still teasing his arse, his own cock unabashed, hardening by the second, and proud with it. Christianne felt her eyes drawn over and over to those magnificently proud appendages, one so recently tested, one so long ago. She knew both men watched as she took a breath, and ran her tongue around lips suddenly dry. She saw the predatory gleam come into both sets of eyes. Ah, perchance that was the way the wind blew? How she pondered, did she feel about that inclination? Was she interested in what she had heard was called an ménage? As much as the idea excited her, increased the sensations already invading her, it was something to contemplate at a later date. For now she had other ideas.
 She chose to ignore those questions being silently posed and focus on the immediate, in a way she felt could be almost as satisfying. At least for the two semi naked, aroused men in front of her. So, voyeurism was to their liking as well? How would they feel as she feasted her eyes on their exertions? Time to find out. She drew a deep breath once more, and again watched their eyes, this time fixed on her swelling breasts. Definitely thought provoking, and intriguing. However,
"My Lords, I wish, an I so feel you both do, to see you continue your..." How could she vocalize without sounding a light skirt? Pah, no matter. "Your fucking." She spoke, her French accent adding hints and innuendo to her words. "I wish to see you satisfy each other once again. It excites me also."  Now was not the time to be shy, or hide behind euphemisms. "So, who is going to fuck who?" One perfectly arched eyebrow rose in query. "I believe I should now see you Julien enjoy the delights of Alastair inside your arse, should I not?" She could feel her pussy wet with her own desire, knew that if she had curls hiding it they would be coated. Her muslin slid over her mound, sensitizing it further. Lud she ached to feel her fingers inside herself, rubbing her stiff nub and making herself come. For many a long year, they had been her salvation. Christianne dragged her thoughts from herself to the men still standing half dressed and regarding her with speculation.
Alastair nodded. "So, my dear, you are correct in your assumptions. Perchance you will agree to accompany us to our..." He smiled. "Our as in mine and Julien’s bedchamber, where we can all enjoy its considerable comforts?"
He emphasized the word ‘all’ and wondered what her reaction would be. He felt secure in his reading of her interest when he and Julien had signified their joint interest in her. Although not openly expressed, the intrigue was there to be pursued.
He watched, his own interest in her increasing as she cocked her head to one side, one slender finger slipping just inside her lips. Lud why was that non-innocent gesture called cocking? He knew without looking, Julien’s cock would be in the same state as his own. Up for anything! If naught else it proved their interest in women, well one woman was alive and stiffening. Time would tell whether the said interest extended to more than being watched. For non knew more than she, the reason for that frantic fucking amongst the sweet scented roses.
"Mm, and if perhaps I accompany you both, what then?" The smile flashed towards him was that of a coquette; flirtatious, inviting and provocative, designed he felt to intrigue. He was, and by their almost telepathic communicating, knew Julien felt as he did.
"My dear, as we are gentlemen, we defer to you."
He shook his head, amused. He had noted on previous occasions how she slipped into her native tongue when highly emotional. It could make for interesting times. Luckily his own command of that language was good, and since knowing Julien, both in the sphere of work and love, was considerably better.
Now he simply inclined his head. "Bien sûr"
"Then shall we withdraw?"
"After we are fully dressed I think. For we need not upset the servants more than usual. Already, Alphonse will be tearing his hair out regarding dinner."

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Thanks a million, Raven. Almost Entente Cordial release is imminent. Be sure to leave a comment to be in with a chance to win. I was fortunate to have read this in its draft form, and let me tell you it's HAWT!


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