Sunday, 5 February 2012

Six Sentence Sunday

Today my six come Goldie And Her Bears, a naughty nursery rhyme, due for release March 30th with Breathless Press 

“Hmm, very sweet indeed. I do like my porridge sweet. What do you say Master J?”
Goldie’s heart fell to her stomach at the sight of the tall, imposing man stepping up from behind Catalina. His golden eyes zeroed in on Catalina’s fingers, before they settled on Goldie, and she once again forgot to breathe.
           “Leave Goldilocks to me." 

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  1. Niiiice. For some reason I thought Goldie was Evernight. Shows how much I pay attention to publishers. I just like what I like. :)

  2. FUN! sounds fantastic Doris! well done

  3. Ooo, this is naughty, for some reason. i like your six!

  4. Thanks Tory. Glad you like it enough to not notice the publisher, lol.

    Liz, yeah, I had such fun writing this tale!

    Thanks Ray :-) It is a very naughty tale I have to say!

  5. Ooh "Leave Goldilocks to me." Kind of made me breathless. I can just imagine what will happen next! ;)

  6. Um...Goldie. I think Master J. has his eye on you! Better behave yourself, or not...

  7. Thanks Deanna and Dianne. Yeeesss, I wonder what will happen.

    *whistles not so innocently*