Wednesday, 22 February 2012


Distractions come in many forms, most of which I can tune out, but there is a certain, little distraction, I'm finding impossible to tune out.

This was Budda at gone midnight last night. Wide awake and ready to paaarrrttayy. Just as well, he's so cute. He's now six months old and the world, and in particular, mummy, is one big playground.

And he loves, loves, loves my netbook. Unless he is actually nursing to sleep, like he's doing now, he wants to join in. Cue me fighting little Mr Octopus for the possession of the blessed keys. Cue me ending up tickling him to distract him, which results in both of in fits of giggles, and no writing gets done at all.

Thankfully I have been knee deep in edits, and I did manage to get these done, albeit with many a heart stopping moment, where Budda hit a key and half the page was deleted. Thank goodness for the undo button on word..... and breathe....

I have a thousand and one story ideas flitting about in my head, but nothing has grabbed me enough yet to be able to write without getting distracted by the amazing non sleeping baby.

Or rather the amazing, will only sleep while mummy is holding me, baby. Yes, we have reached that phase, and will probably have another year before he comes out of the other side of this one, if his siblings are anything to go by. Separation anxiety has also kicked in big time when he's awake. He's perfectly happy, as long as he can at least see me, but much prefers being in arms. Thank heavens for slings. I'm not big on housework, but some things need to be done, invariably with Budda reigning supreme from his position on my back.

And if that wasn't enough there is also big brother and his human ping pong ball impressions.

This is him and one of the girls. The next one up, and the one he seems to be incapable of getting along with for any length of time. When they do get along it's a hoot, as you can tell!

It was half term here last week and oh my that was 'fun'. United Nations had nothing on me, truly. Hubby may have received a few 'please tell me you're about to rescue me' texts at tea time. Especially as I was also editing four upcoming releases at the time.

*makes mental note to time her submissions better*

The good news is that three of the four are all done and dusted, which just leaves Lure Of Forever.  I'm waiting on final edits, and will hopefully have a release date to share soon. I'm very excited about Lucas's story. I think, after Sven, Lucas is my favourite hero.

And talking of heroes, I'm editing, rewriting book two in the Giovanni Series, and I just happen to have stumbled on the perfect picture for Marco Giovanni. This fits the first look Elise gets of him to a T. She interrupts a work out....

and he's pretty annoyed with his useless nanny...

I leave you with a little snippet.

Elise remembered that conversation with a certain amount of dread now. How she was ever going to pass for the flamboyant sister was beyond her. They were as different as chalk and cheese in personality; in looks they were identical right down to the two annoying freckles on their jaw line.
Bother it all to heck and back, where is the front door key. How was she ever supposed to find anything in this mad bag?
Mimi grabbed hold of the strap, and the entire contents of the bag spilled all over the door step, yet still no key. Before she could bend down to retrieve the contents the front door opened and Elise forgot to breathe. The man stood glowering down on her had to be at least six foot two of hard muscle, perfectly showcased in vest top and low slung joggers. She'd interrupted a workout if the fine sheen of perspiration on his face was anything to by. Ice cold blue eyes, framed by heavy lashes, sat in a proud, patrician face, covered in a day's worth of stubble. He raised his hand to push his slightly too long, black hair away from his face and the musk of hot, sweaty male, mixed with the faint scent of his cologne invaded Elise's senses. Her fingers itched to touch the impossibly broad shoulders and she hastily dropped her eyes and balled her hands into fists to resist giving in to the impulse. This was Marco Giovanni?
Marco groaned when he opened the door to see the devastation on his door step. Oh goody the nanny is back.
Ciao Mimi, where have you been?” He smiled at his daughter who gave him a bear hug, before wriggling to get down, when she spotted Agnes the housekeeper.
“Yeah okay, just one before dinner, Mimi.” His tone turned frosty when he addressed Elise.
“I am assuming you have not allowed her to stuff herself full of junk again? Cat got your tongue, woman? Ah let me guess, you forgot your keys again?”
He winced taking in the shirt that, quite frankly, ought to be burned. Damn it, he paid the woman enough to buy clothes more in keeping with her position. At least she had some decent trousers on for a change. His eyebrows rose when he heard her slightly breathless reply.
“Certainly not, I do not forget things, I just..urm .. Well.”
“Mislaid it again, have you Miss Donovan? You seem to be mislaying a lot of things lately.”
“Yes, well, that is about to change I can assure you Mr. Giovanni,” she mumbled under her breath. She bent down to retrieve the contents of her garish bag and gave him a perfect view of her tight ass. Hell, he had no business noticing how the fabric of her trousers clung to those long legs and showed the curve of her bottom off to perfection. Who’d have thought it…? What are you doing? That’s your nanny, man, hands off!
“Here let me help you with that, you’ll be there all day.” His voice was gruffer than he intended it to be, but bending down next to her had brought him close enough to notice her subtle feminine scent— something light and flowery and very unique to her. How come he never noticed how good she smelled?
“Hah, I knew I had the key. Here it is!”
Elise straightened at the same time as him. Holding the key triumphantly in the air, she stepped away from him. Her foot caught on the door step, and Marco told himself later, he had to grab her around the waist to stop her from falling over. The contact brought her firm breasts in direct contact with his chest and he heard her gasp. He felt the connection like a kick to the gut and all his blood rushed south. Hot damn! It had been too long since he held a woman in his arms, if his instant arousal was anything to go by. Why did his libido have to remember its existence now, when he held his nanny in his arms, his nanny for god’s sake? He shifted, grateful for the loose fitting pants helping to hide his hardening cock.
“Urm, you can let go of me now. I should see to Mimi.”
Her breathy whisper raised his blood pressure a few more notches and he automatically pulled her closer, taking a deep breath of her enticing scent.
“Mimi is fine. Have you changed your shampoo?”
“My shampoo?”
Si, there is something different about you.” His voice sounded rough even to his own ears and she looked, damn, she looked frightened. Her expressive chocolate brown eyes widened in alarm and her curvy frame trembled in his arms. He forced himself to let her go. What the hell was going on here?
“No, I'm sure I don't know what you mean.  I really must go and see to Mimi, excuse me.”
She grabbed the bag along with Mimi’s stroller and looking uncertain for a minute; she straightened her shoulders and walked off in the direction of the kitchen.
Marco shut the front door a little too sharply, his body still tingling where it had touched hers. If he didn’t know better, but no that was impossible. She must have just decided to take his orders on board finally and he was pumped full of adrenaline still following his workout. That was the only explanation for the sudden primal interest in Mimi’s nanny. She was strictly off limits and he needed a long cold shower.

*chuckles to herself*

I do like this story and Marco stands no chance, lol. Neither does Elise it has to be said...

Anyways, must rescue the baby, who I dared put down and is now wide awake of course. And run a bath for the nine year old, who is home from school. She was injured in her very first Rugby tournament yesterday.


Everything hurts today, she says :-(

She is covered in bruises, limping and still has a lump on her head. So much for sport being good for you...

Would love to know what your top distractions are and how you deal with them.


  1.'ve got plenty of distractions and so do I. Social media is a big distraction at the moment. I can't seem to concentrate. And I've got an ms to edit too. :(

  2. Ah, social media can be fatal. It just sucks your time away.At least you can switch it off though...

    I did order an off button, but it seems to be broken on my distractions ;-)

  3. Everything!! Distractions are everywhereeeeeeeee! But right now I have to agree with Kiru and say social gets me everytime!

  4. my grandson is my distraction.. keep on sending the photo's... because he is my carrot as well. write a page drool over the latest photo's- write a page, drool over an older photo – write a page drool over the video well you get the drift!