Saturday, 15 November 2014

Dance with me, I'm three! *squeals* #authoranniversary #giveaway

Happy weekend, folks. This weekend marks a special occasion for me, because I am turning three tomorrow!

Now, before you say I look very mature for my age, I'm talking about my Author Birthday of course. Three years ago, my Debut novel, Lure of the Blood released, and I had to giggle, looking back at the blog post I made then.

You can find it HERE.

I still get just as excited three years on when I release a book, and there have been a the last count I have 45 books out, 3 are coming soon, and if I count the two that I got my rights back for, and need to decide what to do with, then that's a grand total of 50 books in three years.

Excuse me, while I go and have a lie down

Not really, am far too excited for sleep, and besides I know that I am incredibly fortunate to be able to do something I love doing, and what's more, you, my lovely readers continue to enjoy my stories.

Every e-mail I get, every message on Facebook, every review, or shout out really does make me smile, and hitting those bestseller lists makes me grin even more.

So, this post is a great big THANK YOU!

Thank you to my family for putting up with me when I'm too distracted by the voices in my head to remember the simplest things.

Thank you to my readers, you rock. I must give a special mention here to my reader group, The RavDor Chicks! <3

Thank you to my publishers, who continue to believe in my stories.

Thank you to the cover artists, for my awesome covers. I love them all, and I'm rather in awe of the talent required to make my inane ramblings on the cover art request form into a thing of beauty.

Thank you to my editors. I continue to learn with every edit, and I'm so grateful you don't despair of me completely when my heroes growl too much. *grins and winks at Karyn*

Thank you to my crit group UCW, who have been with me every step of the way. 

Thank you to my fellow Authors, who welcomed a clueless newbie with open arms. I've made some great friends over the last three years. You know who you are!

And last but by no means least a very special thank you to Raven McAllan. Not only is she a fantastic author herself, she has also become a true member of my family, and I would be lost without her red pen, when she 'redits' my manuscripts before submission.

This has turned into somewhat of an Oscar acceptance speech, it seems.


Anyhoo, to mark the occasion I'm having a little giveaway, and here's what you can win.

Swag Pack #1

Swag Pack #2

Swag Pack #3

I'm  also giving away some e-books. 
For extra entries into the draw please leave me a comment and tell  me which type of hero you like best. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Have a great weekend, lovely peeps.

Stay naughty,

D xxxx


  1. Happy Authorversary, and looking forward to celebrating many more with you.
    I'm honored to be best friend, 'mum', and 'Grammy Jo'. (Oh and the reditor and banner of DDS... commonly known as Doris' Deadly sentences, that go on and on and on and on and HELP, I need to breathe)
    That apart, I"m so happy for you... It is all so well deserved... <3 :)

    1. *blows kiss* I'm getting better with the DDS though, right.... ;-)

  2. Congrats! Keep on writing and I will keep on reading.

  3. Happy Authoranniversary!!! How exciting for you! Oh, and us because we get to enjoy the stories you write!

  4. Happy Anniversary to one of my absolutely favorite authors. It makes my day when one of your books comes out. I enjoy just getting lost in the story. Just keep writing about all those hunky Doms and sexy bear shifters. Love ya!

  5. Congrats. I've just recently began reading your books. Loving them so far.

  6. Does that mean that you and Buddah are the same age? Happy Anniversary Doris - I always know I'm in for a really smexy read when I down load one of your book.

    And my favourite kind of hero is a Carnivorous Shifter Alpha (not a duck, elephant, etc) especially if he rides a harley :D

    <3 xxx

    1. Heh, yes I guess it does, Tina ;-) Hmm, just as well I have a motor bike riding wolf shifter planned in my next Protectors book, then, isn't it?

  7. Alpha males all the way. Love your books!

  8. Alphas bigger the better oh an hairy chests. Congrats

    1. Naturally re the hairy chests ;-) Thanks, Julie. x

  9. The alpha hero who sweeps in and takes control with a brat.. and then the antihero who's bad but in a good way. :D

  10. Congratulations!!

    I love them all. One for each day of the month.

    1. Thanks, Mary, and I like your thinking, lol. :-)

  11. Congratulations on three awesome years, Sissy! Keep writing all those wonderful characters that I love so much (especially if they're hot bear shifters or alien warriors). <3

  12. And by the way, my favorite kind of hero is a handsome alpha who is protective of his woman. Who **Bleeps** hard, but loves even harder. Now, that could mean anything from a billionaire business man to a primal shifter. Just as long as he's awesome like that.

  13. Congrats hun! To many more years of success! (Oh and I love all kind of sexy heroes *grin*)

  14. Happy Anniversary, and what an awesome idea :-) I'd already done everything else, so I tweeted and you already know this, but my fave heroes are definitely the protective alphas.