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#MWTease from Let's Get it On "Tell your Sirs how you feel..." #mfm #bdsm #comingsoon @sirenbookstrand

Happy Middle of the week to you all. I think I have just about stopped bouncing in excitement now... maybe. Yesterday saw the release of Auctioned to the Spanish Dom, and the lovely Raven McAllan has Master Pedro on her blog as the mid week tease. He's showing that he's just as as good as giving after care as he is at delivering pain.

So, rather than bore you to tears, and tease here from his story too, I've picked a hot little tease from Let's Get it On. Last time I shared from this, it was still a WIP.

Well, I'm delighted to say that Siren have accepted my brothers and Let's Get it On will release January 12th.

*happy dance*

To set the scene, it's the middle of the night and Lily couldn't sleep. She's come downstairs and has interrupted a Skype conversation between the brothers. Cyrus is currently in New York away on business, but this does not stop him from directing proceedings...

(Please bear in mind this is unedited as yet, so subject to change, and please excuse any errors)

Usual warning applies. This is HAWT!

 “Spread your legs wider, so I can see how wet you are for me, little subbie. That’s a good girl.” His grin deepened when she complied and grasped the edge of the settee to steady herself.
“Hands on your ankles, girl, and stay like that. Hmm, very nice, but I want you so wet that your juices run down your legs, and your ass is far too white. Wouldn’t you agree, bro?”
A just returned Sloan put his toy bag down and grinned. Another shudder went through her when he ran his hands all over her ass, and delved into her slit. Cyrus grunted his approval, when Sloan brought his slick fingers up for Cy to see, and then licked them clean.
“I quite agree bro. She’s nice and wet, but I know she can do much better than this, and I think we want her immobile and our mercy for this, don’t we, Cy?”
“Absofuckinglutely,” Cyrus said, and he leant in closer to the screen to not miss any of the action. Damn, he so wanted to be there. The air would be thick with their combined sexual musk, and his fingers itched to touch their girl. He flicked the speakers up to full, so as not to miss any of the little sounds Lily was making, and he laughed when Sloan slapped her ass hard. Her pale skin reddened beautifully and she toppled forward until she was half supported by the settee. Pride filled him at the white knuckled grip she still had on her ankles. He wouldn’t have blamed her had she put her hands out to support herself.
He exchanged a glance with Sloan, and he read the same concern for her in his brother’s gaze. They could easily push her too far, and allow her to get lost in her submissive headspace. That motherfucking asshole had taken advantage of her, and they’d be fucked if they would allow that to happen again.
Fortunately they had each other to make sure they wouldn’t. It made the whole process of helping Lily find out what she truly wanted and needed in their dynamics much easier.
Sloan delivered several more open handed swats to their girl’s ass, until she whimpered in need and her pussy hole clenched visibly. The fine sheen of arousal coated her skin, and she hissed in a breath through her teeth when Sloan ran his hands over the abused flesh. Nice and pink it glowed in the shadowy light, and a whimper of pure need escaped Lily when Sloan dropped down to his knees and licked her slit to clit and back again, while digging his fingernails into her ass cheeks.
Cyrus cursed the angle of the camera, which meant he couldn’t see properly, until Sloan moved sideways, while running his hands down their girl’s legs, until he gently pried her fingers away from her ankles.
“Get on your knees, Lily and drape yourself over the settee. Let Cyrus see how wet you are for us, and how much you want me to fuck you.”
“God, yes… please.”
Lily’s voice, muffled as it was by the sofa cushions she had buried her face in nonetheless shook with need and Sloan laughed.
“Yes, I thought you might like that, but not yet, what do you think, Cy? Does our girl deserve to come yet?”
He winked at Cyrus and Cy shook his head, not trusting his voice to work at that moment in time. Instead he watched Sloan attach the spreader bar between Lily’s ankles, once she was kneeling on the floor, and then bind her wrists with rope and secure it to the feet of the settee. With her arms held bound above her head, her torso was half suspended over the settee, and with her legs spread wide, and held in place by the bar, Lily had nowhere to go.
Her breaths came in short erratic gasps, and when Sloan lifted her hair off her face, Cyrus could see her flushed expression. She licked her lips, and moaned out loud, when Sloan ran his hands slowly down her arms and then underneath her shoulders, until he could knead her heavy breasts. Judging by the way she jumped, his brother had reached her nipples and pinched them. Whatever he was doing, her breaths grew choppier, and more of her feminine arousal coated the tops her thighs. Her clit stood huge and proud out of its little hiding place and her inner lips turned much redder as the blood rushed to the sensitive area.
“Keep doing that, bro. I reckon she could come just by you playing with her tits. Tell me what it feels like. Are her buds hard as nails?”
 Sloan groaned and flung him an almost comical look. Judging by the huge erection that tented Sloan’s joggers he had as hard a time as Cyrus, and was no doubt ready to explode. At least the lucky bastard would get to bury himself balls deep inside their girl, while Cy would have to make do with his hand.
Still watching them fuck would have to do for now. It certainly beat jacking off to mental images alone.
“You have no idea, bro. She’s so damn fucking responsive. If I do this…” Lily tensed and groaned. It was such a deep throated, sexual sound that Cyrus’s dick jumped and his balls drew tight to his body. He had to take himself in hand and stroke along his engorged length. Shit, that felt way too good. Cyrus didn’t want to come yet. He wanted to come apart with them, so they would have to hurry this along a bit.
“Yes, when I twist and pull, I imagine she feels those darts of pain right in her clit, don’t you sweet pet?” Sloan’s voice shook with hoarse need, and Cyrus pumped his dick faster. Fuck this, he was so fucking turned on, he had to come. No doubt he would be ready for round two in record time. “Answer me. Tell your Sirs, how you feel when I do this.” Sloan moved his arms sharply and Lily cried out in pain filled arousal that made Cyrus clench his jaw in an effort not to shout out himself.
“Tell us, girl.” Sloan’s voice took on that extra edge guaranteed to make any subbie squirm, and he glanced at the screen. Seeing what Cyrus was doing made him smirk and he moved one of his hands from under her, and wrapped it in her hair. A sharp yank made Lily cry out again and Sloan guided her head until she could see the screen. Her eyes widened and her blush deepened when her gaze zoomed in on the fevered movements of Cyrus’s hand on his dick. Lily groaned and licked her lips, and Sloan laughed.
“Such a naughty girl. See what you’re doing to Cyrus.” Slade’s arm jerked again and again and each time Lily’s color heightened further. Her breath sped up and her eyes took on that unfocused look. Cyrus was pretty damn sure he looked just the same, his own gaze riveted on their girl’s reaction to seeing him fist his cock, and Sloan’s manipulation of her awesome tits.
“Fuck, I’m gonna come. Make her fly with… fuuuuck.”
Lily’s scream echoed in his ears as his orgasm burst from him, and he shot thick arching jets of his cum all over his hands and belly. A milky white stream hit the screen and ran over Lily’s flushed face as she too hit her peak, and they came together, or as together as they could be.


Here's the blurb:

When Lily Jepson falls asleep at work, her erotic dream is witnessed by none other than her boss’s brother. Awkward doesn’t begin to describe it, especially when she can’t help but respond to the enigmatic Dom. She wants his brother…doesn’t she?
Cyrus Cooper loves to play games, and he can’t resist the opportunity to yank his brother’s chain a bit. Nothing will convince the stubborn Sloan more to finally make a move on Lily, than thinking this delightful subbie is involved with Cyrus.
However, when it becomes apparent that Lily needs help to work through the emotional scars left behind by her early introduction into the lifestyle, Cyrus knows this is far more than a game.  The brothers are just the Doms to show her what a true D/s relationship should be like.
Lily thrives under their combined Dominance, but when her old Master re-appears her life is put in danger.
She has never needed her Sirs more.

Releases January 12th


Stay naughty, folks, and don't forget to check out the other teasers. As ever thanks to the awesome Sandra Bunino for putting us all together every week.

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