Sunday, 23 November 2014

#SexySnippets from Auctioned to the Spanish Dom “Dulces sueños, pequeña.” #aftercare #newrelease @sirenbookstrand #bdsm #mfm

Happy Sunday, folks. It's time to bring you some sexy snippets, and I thought I would show you Pedro's tender side. Aftercare is an important element after any scene, but especially so after one as intense as Pedro and Peyton had at the club. This Master sadist was hard on her and Peyton's butt is rather tender. In fact she'll have some spectacular bruises, and Pedro is doing his best to minimize her discomfort.
Having brought her back to her flat, he's already run her a bath and fed her, and now he's giving her a massage, as any good sadist would...


He ran his hands along that part of her ass and squeezed the tender flesh. Heat shot through her veins and her pussy clenched, and she bucked into his hands.
Hija de mi vida, you’re so fucking responsive, pequeñita.”

Peyton’s stomach tightened in excitement at the strained quality of his voice and all thoughts of bruises flew out of her head, as she gave herself up to his whispered words in Spanish and the magic his hands worked on her body. By the time he was finished, a sense of peace had settled over her, as her tired muscles relaxed, and she found herself drifting away again. Pedro lifted the hair off her neck and kissed her just under her ear. The action made her smile, and the last thing she heard before exhaustion finally claimed her were his whispered, “Dulces sueños, pequeña.”

Peyton King had a simple plan. Sign up for the Spectrum Auctions and finally get the story that will get her the promotion she craves.

It’s just her luck that the person who wins her is Pedro Hernandez. The Spanish Dom has been starring in her erotic dreams ever since they first butted heads in her professional life, and he proves impossible to resist, if downright scary.

The sadist in Pedro is looking forward to teaching the prickly reporter a lesson or two. However, when Peyton turns out to be a masochist her instinctive responses floor the experienced Dom. Maybe it’s just his age catching up with him, but this young reporter gets under his skin like no other sub ever has, and their play smashes through both of their emotional defences in record time.

When their relationship is put to the test, Pedro has to decide if he can trust his pequeñita.

She is a reporter after all…

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