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Welcome to the tease, brought to you by the lovely Sandra Bunino, where we tease you from either a published work or a work in progress.

There is only one story I can tease from today, and that's Bought for Christmas. You might have heard me squeal this week, when I got my release date. My scarred bear shifter will be yours to own come December 8th.

I can't wait for you to meet Hunter and Emilia. What's more their story is an Editor's pick.

*big grin*

So, without further ado, here is a HOT tease. You have been warned. Hunter has a unique way of distracting Emilia from answering questions he is not ready for...

Emilia would never have believed it, had she not seen it with her own eyes. One minute a very naked, very aroused Hunter towered over her, the next he had dropped to his knees and changed into a big brown bear.
His scars weren’t as pronounced in his animal form, but they were there nonetheless. Not that it took away from the majestic beauty that was Hunter in his bear form. His intelligent golden eyes looked at her, and he trotted closer. His wet nose nudged her arm, and taking a deep breath she put both of her hands in his fur. It was the exact same shade as his hair in human form, and she stroked him. Wonderfully soft and warm under her digits, he was the equivalent of a real life teddy bear, and Emilia giggled at the thought.
His bear rumbled in answer and nudged her again.
“You’re beautiful, Sir.”
She whispered the words, and then the massive bear stepped back. The air shimmered around him, and seconds later Hunter was back in his human form. He didn’t look at her when he yanked his jeans back on. He didn’t manage to button them back up again over the enormous erection he still sported, and he sat down gingerly, and stretched his long legs out in front of him.
“So, now you know,” he said, and Emilia nodded.
“Now I know. Thank you for trusting me enough to show me.”
Hunter groaned and ran a hand through his dark hair. It made it all stick up on end, and Emilia gave into the need to be close to him and straddling him, sat down on his lap. She dropped a kiss on the raised skin on his shoulder, and then reached up to tidy his hair.
“How did you get the scars, Sir?”
Hunter shook his head and tugged her shirt up until her breasts were exposed. Her nipples beaded in the chilly air, and he chuckled and ran his knuckles across them while pulling his legs up. The action tipped her forward slightly, and in the next moment he had the shirt pulled off her entirely and twisted around her wrists at her back in makeshift restraints. As soft as it was on her wrists, Emilia couldn’t move, and she gasped when he unsheathed one of his claws, and ran it along her jaw line. Her eyes widened when he ran it over her throat, and she swallowed nervously as he trailed it down towards her breasts. Once there he increased the pressure, and allowed more of his claws to emerge. Tiny pinpricks of painful sensation they dug into her breast tissue as he molded it between it his fingers, and then bent to suckle first one and the other into his mouth.
“You, sweet kitten, ask too many questions, but I do you a deal. Every time you ask me something else, you owe me an orgasm. How does that sound?”
 He pushed her breasts together so that he could lave both her nipples at the same time, and Emilia tightened her thigh muscles to rub herself against his heavy erection.
“Oh no, you don’t. Up you come. We’re doing this on my terms.”
Guiding her by her bound wrists he took her over to the long dividing counter and pushed her down with a hand on the small of her back, while he lifted her feet off the floor and pulled her ass back into his groin.
“Hmm, yes perfect. Put your feet in those.”
Completely helpless and at his mercy, Emilia had no choice but do as she was told, and a shiver went through her when he yanked her jeans down to mid-thigh and then guided her feet into some form of foothold.  Soft leather went round her ankles, and she found herself slip deeper into her submissive headspace as her movements were restricted.
Hunter slapped her ass lightly, and she groaned as heat flared anew and moisture seeped from her pussy.
“Beautiful. Your ass is lovely and red, and you can’t move. Now, shall we start our little game? What did you want to ask me, kitten?”
Did she want to? Emilia struggled to get her brain to work, especially when he swatted her ass again and then moved away.
“Now don’t you go anywhere.” His laugh could only be described as pure evil. “I’ll need to get a little something from my toy box. I’ll be back before you can miss me.”
Oh, God, what now?
True to his word Hunter was back before she managed to draw more than three shuddering breaths into her lungs. He reached across her to plug something into the electrical socket, and every muscle in her body tensed when she heard the loud vibrations kick on.
Hunter ran the thick head of the Hitachi slowly down her spine, avoiding her bound wrists, and Emilia jumped as far as her restraints would allow when he guided the vibrator across her stinging ass cheeks.
“I believe you were going to ask me a question, kitten? What was it again?”
He trailed the torture object lower, and lower still holding it just over her labia, and Emilia groaned. Already the wicked vibrations travelled through her and made her pussy clench in desperate need.
“Nothing, not a thing. I don’t want to know anything if you’re going to use that thing on me ... oh God, noooooo.”
Hunter laughed and held the head right over her clit.
“Wrong answer, kitten. For that I demand three orgasms from you, right now.”
Emilia wailed and bucked, but it was useless. There was no hiding from the relentless vibrations that pushed her headlong into an orgasm so forceful she saw stars.

I’m the beast, haven’t you heard….

Christmas is supposed to be a time for miracles and one will surely be needed when Emilia Duncan finds herself sold to the beast to save her father’s company. Having lusted after the much older, enigmatic man for as long as she can remember, spending the Christmas weekend as his submissive will satisfy her raging libido, but can she protect her heart?

Bear Shifter Hunter Monahan cannot stand idly by when Emilia is thrown to the wolves. There is only one shifter who will get his claws into her and that’s him. The contract ensures her submission for the weekend. Too bad his bear wants much more than that.

Hunter is used to hiding behind his gruesome scars, but in the bid for Emilia’s heart, that is not an option this time.  Isolated in his cabin, it’s not just the snow that melts.

Releases December 8th


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  1. What delicious and devilish distractions. This has got to be on my Christmas reading list. Can't wait.

  2. Merry early Christmas to your readers! Yum!!